I have a strong, personal investment in working within the LGBT community and teaching them how to feel equal in a world that embraces sameness. Together we work on embracing a positive outlook while addressing the negativity that homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and heterosexism has on the lives of LGBT individuals. We also work on how to find your personal unique sense of individuality so you can easily integrate into the life you want and deserve.


My collaborative process between the client and I aims to facilitate positive change and improve your quality of life. Our work together deepens and improves the relationship with yourself and how it relates to every relationship in your life.  Through the process, you will uncover the blocks that keep you stuck and keep you from getting out of your own way.  Together, you’ll learn how to gently look inward to improve your outer world and live a life lead by your own personal values, integrity, and self-worth.


The journey between two people can encounter many challenges, transitions, and unexpected circumstances. During good times together we are better able to handle the bumps and detours that come with life. But during the hard times it can become much more difficult to navigate the terrain between two people. Together we will focus relationally and examine your personal roadblocks to intimacy with each other so you can work well together as a couple again. I utilize a collaborative approach with an emphasis on mindfulness while developing greater vulnerability to bring you two back to a place of love and greater ease together.

Non-traditional Relationships

In non-judgmental, safe, and confidential sessions, we can work collectively and honestly to create thoughtful, detailed agreements that fulfill everyone’s needs. In therapy, we are able to make space for everyone in the relationship, and in this space, all pain points can be expressed and addressed. This helps build trust and promote feelings of vulnerability, empathy, and intimacy. As new agreements are forming, I can help you ensure that they are coming from nourishment and abundance, rather than a place of fear or emotional poverty.

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